10 Best Indoor Plants for Earth Day & Beyond

Earth Day is a great reminder to green up your office or home. Did you know, the indoors can have 25 times more allergens than the outdoors? So if you’re spending most of your day inside, do some spring cleaning the pretty way–with plants! These 10 varieties are my picks for best beautiful air purifiers.


1. Peace Lily | 2. Ponytail Palm | 3. Gerber Daisy | 4. Snake Plant | 5. Aloe Vera | 6. Rubber Fig | 7. Chinese Evergreen | 8. Golden Pothos | 9. Lady Palm | 10. English Ivy

Of course, a modern vessel pairs well with organic greenery, so think outside the ceramic planter for your plant display.


A row of Gerbera Daisies would be charming in the Design Ideas Trough Vision Vase, while an English Ivy would be sweet in an Alessi Ovale Dessert Bowl or a Marimekko Weather Diary Dessert Bowl.

Do you have desk plants or house plants? Happy Earth Day!

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