3 Modern Living Room Color Schemes

Switching up your color palette is all you need for a dramatic refresh in your living room. These three color schemes work well in modern living rooms, each with its own vibe. Whether you dream of a modern living room that is fresh and light, intense and layered, or contemporary and elegant, AlwaysMod has the furniture and home accents to help you pull it all together.

The calming and airy neutrals are energized with citron yellow accents.
Make your own wall hanging with the Marimekko Lumimarja fabric. If your living room is open plan or a main hub, functional storage can still be stylized. The iittala Aitio Storage Boxes are available in light grey, white and yellow in various sizes. Throw pillows are often thought of as a pop of color, but sometimes they work well as grounding details, such as in this subtly playful grey and white Marimekko Lokki Throw Pillow.

The minimal modern lines of the furniture and architecture are contrasted with the more-is-more color palette, a refreshing departure from typical modern interiors. Saturated jewel tones are layered for a bold, yet cozy effect.
Dip your toe in with the Marimekko Koppelo Green Pillow. Layer color onto shelves or tablescapes with the iittala Ruutu Vases. Add even more colorful coziness with the iittala Origo Green Throw Blanket.

On-trend warm metals pair well with purples when restrained with white bases. (And by the way, those dining chairs are the Fritz Hansen Ant Chair.)
Fritz Hansen furniture, such as the Ro Chair, is available in many upholsteries, including violet. In this elegantly modern pallette, the details matter, so lighting is crucial. The Tom Dixon Mirror Ball 25 Gold Pendant Light is the height of warm and modern sophistication. Add golden glam in modern lines with a Tom Dixon Flash Table.

What are your favorite statement pieces or grounding elements for a modern living room?

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