3 Tips To Suit Your Modern Living and Kitchen Shelves

Perhaps you are someone who’s blessed or maybe cursed with built-in shelves and looking to style those dull empty shelves. Or maybe you’re someone looking add shelves in your home. Either way, making your shelving look pulled together or stylish can definitely be a challenge. At AlwaysMod, we’re here to spill the beans to suiting those shelves.

Living Room Shelves

A great way to suit your shelves is telling a story. Your shelves should tell your story and be filled with all the things you love, like your favorite books, antiques, or color scheme. You want your shelves to showcase something special.

Here are three tips help you start suiting your shelves and telling your story in your living space:

    1. Start off with your books – Books are great for decorating. They add color and a striking geometric arrangement. Try something new and stack them horizontally, they become great platforms for adding dimension and height to your statues and antiques.
      ambersmp_031$!600xvia (Bruce Covey Photography)
  1. Add a few vases – Vases are elegant beauties that make powerful statements. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Decorating with vases is simply endless. On the plus side, they can take up a lot of empty spaces and draw a lot of attention making your shelf look timeless and effortless. Pop a few of your favorite plants or flower into the vases as seen in the Marimekko Clear Flower Vase for a freshen and lively shelf. Or leave it alone to create an illusion of a bigger deeper shelf or as an artistic element, like the Marimekko White Ming Vase shown below.
  2. Mix it up – Decorate with different textures, sizes, and styles to add more dimensions. When you work with only one texture, you’ll get a flat looking shelf. So, adding a few of your favorite wooden pieces like our Virtra Ames House Bird and some reflective bowls like the Alessi La Stanza Dello Scirocco Bowl, they are great coordinating  textures. You also do not need to fill every space on your shelf with objects. Leave some empty spaces to allow the eyes to focus on other items you want to stand out. Empty spaces allow your shelves to breathe and look clean and crisp.
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Kitchen Shelves

Sometimes decorating you kitchen shelves may sometimes look cluttered with all your kitchen dinnerware and items, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few tips to suit your kitchen shelves for a clean modern appearance:

  1. Make your shelves accessible – If you have shelves by your dishwasher, place your dishes there so you don’t have to walk very far to store your dishes after washing. Place your frequently used cooking tools and spices by the stove for easier access while cooking. Think about the items you use daily and place those practical items on lower shelves so that they are easy to grab. You might also like our iittala dinnerware collection, they are visually beautiful for suiting your lower shelves and everday use.
  2. Create stations – Turn your shelves into serving stations like a coffee station or a bar. It’s convenient to have all your coffee items group together for easy access. It also looks visually stunning together too. Serving stations are also great for entertaining so you don’t have to dig around your house to serve your guests. See Anna’s post for your barware essentials or look at our barware collection to start creating your serving station.
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  3. Organize items by type- Dishes and mugs on one level and pots and pan on another. This gives your shelves a systematic look to our kitchen. And don’t be afraid to stack ’em up, dinner ware that are stacked together is more appealing to the eye. Tea cups and saucers look more pleasing when they are slightly tipsy.
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Though, there are endless ways you can decorate your shelves. Let us know if you used these tips or share some of your tips and ideas, we’d love to see hear them!

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