3 Ways to Master Neutral-Toned Bedding

There seems to a common theme throughout the Marimekko Fall 2015 Bedding Collection: neutral tones. The Finnish brand is often recognized for its use of bright color, so I was refreshed by the more subdued palette. I’ve always tended to use bedding as an opportunity to add color into my bedroom, being forced to keep the white walls of my rented spaces. However, I’m drawn to the idea of a neutral bedspread; it tends to evoke a softness for sleeping yet keeps the crisp look of fresh hotel linens. Here are three ways I found to make neutral bedding anything but bland:


Photo: projektila.blogspot.fi/

This is actually my dream space. I love the clean-lined look of modern design, but refuse to give up my love for antique furniture and ornate prints (such as that amazing rug). The mixed of eclectic objects, both old and new, creates enough interest and color throughout the room so the Marimekko Rautasänky Bedding can still be a focal point without stealing the show. Check out the rest of the photos of the amazing space here. This Finnish blogger also has an Artek poster and iittala candle holders!


Photo: homegoods.com/blog

You could do the accent wall in any color, but I actually love the warmth and subtle retro vibe of this orange when paired with the organic lines of the Marimekko Raakel Bedding. Adding one more strong pop of color in a throw pillow and mixing in some textural wall art prevents the space from looking two-toned or flat.


Photo: refinery29.com

An exposed brick wall and high wood ceilings; a girl can dream, right? This beautiful mix of materials can still serve as fantastic inspiration if you don’t have this type of space. The woven rug, fabric bed frame and faux fur throw are all accessible ways to work with texture. Even with a black wall (which used to be taboo), this space feels light and cozy. The hues of Marimekko Ruutu-Unikko Bedding are neutral, but there is no denying that the piece has colorful personality. The points of interest around the room will keep the eye from getting lost in the loud print.

Which look best suits your style?


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