5 Essential Ways To Use A Mug

Anyone that knows me knows that I love coffee mugs. I must admit, I am a coffee mug hoarder. That’s because they represent so many things, the places I’ve been, the great times in life, gifts from friends, and the list goes on. I can’t simply throw away the valuable memories. So, I’ve came up with five different ways to re-use the precious mugs so that they can remain in my home.

1.) Make mug cakes and other delicious recipes.

matcha-tea-raspberry-largevia Sandra Mahut

2.) Turn them into decorative candle holders

MUGVia Pinterest

3.) Use them as vases and beautiful plants in them.


4.) Organize your desk by placing your pens and pencils in the mugs.

officemugvia Virginia

5.) Decorate your vanity and place your favorite go-to brushes in a coffee mug.

MUG1via Carol

If you’re not a coffee mug hoarder, like I am, there are a lot stylish coffee mugs at AlwaysMod if you are looking to start your collection.

Share some of the ways you use your coffee mugs, we’d love to hear them!

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