7 Cook Looks: Aprons for Every Modern Kitchen


1. It would be a crime for the Marimekko Kompotti Pistachio Apron not to accompany this colorful kitchen. The white walls and and cupboards allow for bold use of color, and this kitchen has just about every hue in the rainbow for a cheery cooking space. black-unikko-apron

2. The Marimekko Black/White Unikko Apron was made for this kitchen. I’m loving the desaturated palette, which this apron complements instead of interrupting. The natural wood floors and use of live plants prevents this space from looking too stark. kontti-700

3. These homeowners didn’t hold back when choosing a paint color. The bright and unapologetic yellow walls really awaken this cooking space, and the Marimekko Kontti Multicolor Apron shares this same sunny hue. The pattern’s geometric shapes also work well with this simple and clean-lined kitchen. red-unikko-700

4. Marimekko fans have long known the power of pairing this famous red and white floral with bold, black and white stripes. The classic colorway of the Marimekko Unikko Red Apron is right at home in this strong Scandinavian kitchen, which already uses some pops of crimson color.


5. Moody greys and romantic shades of blush bring a certain softness to this otherwise bare-boned kitchen. The Marimekko Kompotti Beige Apron shares this pastel palette and offers an organic charm with its pattern of fresh fruits and veggies. Hey, is that our iittala Purnukka Jars I spot over on the counter!?


6. As an eclectic addict, I love when modern spaces mix in some traditional tapestries. The statement piece under this stunning rustic dining table is the perfect partner to our favorite fish, who’s pleasantly tucked in the pocket of the Marimekko Hauki Apron. fokus-grey-700

7. The pattern on the Marimekko Fokus Apron has always had a zen effect on me, and I think it’s perfect for this kitchen space that has a spa-like quality to it. With that cozy fur-draped nook overlooking the picture window, I doubt I’d be getting much cooking done in here though!

Find the sources of the spaces we featured and view more chic Scandinavian kitchens here.

Which kitchen can you see yourself cooking in?

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