A Marimekko Sale Not to Be Missed



Marimekko lovers, brace yourselves. The LARGEST Marimekko Sale of the year just started at AlwaysMod. Yes, the largest. More than 300 products including accessories, dining, kitchen, bed, bath and fabric items are 20% – 70% off! This doesn’t happen very often, so I would suggest setting aside some time to browse and shop these awesome deals. I’ve already picked out a few of my favorites (see below). Now I need to decide which ones to buy. Maybe I’ll buy them all!

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1. Rambutan Scarf | 2. Tasaraita Mug | 3. Cocktail Throw Pillow | 4. Sara Bag | 5. Päärynä Tea Towel Set | 6. Kivet Beach Towel


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