A Special Visitor for the Marimekko Factory

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton visits the Marimekko factory

“US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Marimekko house in Helsinki on June 27, 2012. She got to know Marimekko design and the textile printing factory, and afterwards she spent time shopping in our store. We are extremely happy and proud to have hosted such an important guest! When leaving the Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs to come to our factory, Clinton said that she was going to make her long-awaited pilgrimage to Marimekko.


Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is shown how Marimekko fabrics are printed.

‘Madame Clinton suggested a new slogan for us: Marimekko – Breathe Happiness. She totally charmed our personnel and the customers in our store by her intelligent sense of humor and approachable personality,’ says Mika Ihamuotila, CEO of Marimekko.”


[Text and images from the Marimekko newsletter. Photos by Kaapo Kamu]

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