Marimekko Baby Style

Let’s be real. Anything miniature is adorable. And there isn’t anything cuter than baby clothes and accessories, especially when it’s Marimekko. The ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ were at an all-time high here at AlwaysMod when the new Marimekko baby stuff rolled in. The company is known for its bold colors and patterns, and the baby line definitely does not fall short of these features. Available in fun prints and colors for boy and girl, these new items will make the perfect gift for the mom-to-be or your own little cutie pie. Just make sure to have the camera ready.

1. BusBus Baby Footed Pant Set, $40

2. Juusa Newborn Socks, $20

3. Otso Tööt Tööt bib Set, $20

4. Juusa Newborn Socks, $20

5. NooNoo Baby Footed Pant Set, $40

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