Back to School Marimekko Style

I miss planning my “first day of school” outfit. It was a chance to show off the new threads and make a statement. I also miss searching for the perfect backpack or bag. It couldn’t be just any backpack or bag. It had to be the bag. The bag that not only reflected my taste in style, but served its function of getting my books and homework assignments to and fro. It’s like a woman’s quest for the perfect handbag, which is now an extra-curricular of mine.

Although those days are gone, the nostalgia of back to school shopping reignited when a few Marimekko backpacks and bags landed on our shelves here at AlwaysMod. Marimekko backpacks are great investments for anyone. The bags are durable and the designs are timeless, which means shoppers can be confident that their bag will last for a very long time. Bold or classic, there’s a Marimekko bag to suit anyone.


1. Marimekko Unikko Green/Purple Amapola Bag, $179

2. Marimekko Keitele Black Backpack, $180

3. Marimekko Urbaani Messenger Bag, $239

4. Marimekko Buddy Black Backpack, $159

5. Marimekko Unikko Green/Purple Backpack, $180

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