Back to School


Every time September rolls around, I get nostalgic for that feeling of heading back to school. The crisp air. The books. The new outfits. Everything. Although those days are long gone, it’s still fun for me to reminisce. Here are a list of some of my favorite Marimekko products fit for any college student or recent grad:

1. Vattenblänk Throw Pillow adds color and character to any futon, chair or sofa, $69

2. Unikko mini manual umbrella will shield you from the rain in style, $49

3. Mehiläispesä Bedding is subtle and sophisticated, perfect for any dorm room or apartment, $39.95+

4. Matkoilla Fabric Notebook is great for taking notes, $22.00

5. Buddy Backpack is classic, durable and spacious. Use this bag during school and beyond, $159

6. Nimikko Bath Towels are plush and bright. These towels are sure to last well beyond college, $55

7. iittala Small Maribowl is a great accent to any room and perfect for displaying sweet treats, $25

8. Pisaroi Snap Case is the ideal size to store anything from pencils to sunglasses, $24.00

9. Lippa Karakola Tablet Case keeps your iPad or tablet safe from scratches and dust, $52.50 (on sale!)


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