Best Modern Retail Store Designs in Minnesota

Minneasota is not only home to the great lakes, but also the home to some of the best Modern Retail Store Designs. Check out some of these modern retailers and get inspired.

Forage Modern Workshop

Located right off East Lake Street, Forage Modern Workshop is known for their vintage Mid-Century Modern collection. Featuring a Midwestern concept, they showcase local craftsmanship that gives their retail design a modern twist. Incorporating screen-printed wallpapers, midcentury inspired furniture, and attractive lightings, Forage gives you a sneak-peek into their history obsession, storytelling, and characters, and an eye for well-designed wears.

The Foundry Home Goods

A little shop that tells a warm and personal story places its home in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Embodying a warm Scandinavian aesthetic design of fine textures and whimsical colors this retail design is a modern splurge. Their interior is comfortable with its warm textiles while looking elegant and beautiful with its vintage wooden floors and earthy elements.


MidModMen+friends finds itself in the heart of Saint Paul offering vintage modern décor at its best. A vintage Midcentury interior gives their store a down-to-earth modern look. Expressing vibrant artwork and textiles in their store from vivacious colors of orange, red, green, and blue this interior design is a knock-out.

Pharmacie Home MPLS

A design-centric home décor corner-shop located in Uptown Minneapolis features a welcoming interior and eye-catching wall displays. Their warm corner space is filled with contemporary design objects from old to new making this interior a modern home.



A new storefront opens its door in Golden Valley offering modern designs for your home. Exemplifying an open and bright entry way and a wall with bold Marimekko fabrics, and glass tables set with sleek products, this interior design gives a timeless and functional modern representation. Enter through the doors of an interior that widens your perspective, inspires your lifestyle, and promotes creativity.

Let us know some of your favorite modern retail stores, we’d love to get inspired!

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  1. Thank you for including MidModMen+friends in this roundup of Twin Cities retail spots. We’ve got design in our bones and a desire to share it with the world. We feel honored to be included with the other innovators featured here.

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