Bold Beach Bag Duos

Summer is on full blast and visits to the beach are definitely on tap. If you’re like me, the beach getup includes the beach bag and towel. If you have a cute suit and cover-up, your bag and towel must be on the same level. You can’t have one without the other, at least in my book.

A sure way to stand out on the beach (in a good way) is with Marimekko, of course. AlwaysMod has a bevy of bright and cheerful bags and totes that can double as a beach bag. They are perfect for carrying sunscreen, water bottles and any other beach essentials. Plus, the Nimikko beach towels are ultra-plush and extra-long, which means you can catch the rays in comfort and not have your legs protruding into the hot, grainy sand.

If you’re into warm tones, you’ll dig the Bingo Tote and the red/citron Nimikko beach towel combo.

If cooler tones are more your speed, try the Kompotti bag and turquoise/lime Nimikko beach towel combo.

Which one is your favorite combo? Share it with us by commenting below.

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