Brand New: Tonfisk Murska Mortar & Pestle


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Meet the Tonfisk Murska Mortar & Pestle. “Murska” is a Finnish onomatopoeia meaning smithereens, or pulverized.


The Tonfisk Murska Mortar & Pestle has a porcelain mortar bowl nestled in an acacia wood mortar bowl. You can use the porcelain pestle in either mortar bowl.


I made a small batch of classic basil pesto, roughly following this recipe. I confess: I had never used a mortar and pestle before I decided to try the Tonfisk Murska Mortar & Pestle. Now I’m hooked! It only took a few seconds to pound and grind the pine nuts and a couple of minutes to pulverize the chopped basil leaves. Just a little pressure does a lot. The pestle was totally ergonomic; it could not have been easier to grip.

What surprised me most was how much I reveled in the fragrance of the basil. Using a mortar and pestle connects you to your food by engaging all of your senses. I can’t wait to try making guacamole, mustard or a parsley rub.


What would you make in the Tonfisk Murska Mortar & Pestle?



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