Brunch with Marimekko



I love brunch. A lot. In fact, I would consider it one of my favorite pastimes. There’s just something about that breakfast and lunch hybrid that makes me look forward to the weekend. It’s not too early and not too late. The options are boundless: savory and sweet. And it can be enjoyed without the time constraints I have during the work week. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and the thought of hosting an outdoor brunch with a bright and beautiful tablescape is making me excited.

If you’re on the same page as me, here are some vibrant Marimekko products that I think would make a fabulous backdrop for brunching. I used the new Ursula tablecloth as my foundation and pulled colors from the tablecloth to find matching tableware. The plates from the Marimekko Weather Diary Collection are a perfect complement since the painterly colors mimic the watercolor-like hues on the tablecloth. The goblet is neutral, but has a splash of color at the base that ties in with the color theme. And lastly, the napkins are a fun way to incorporate one of the colors from the tablecloth through a different pattern that doesn’t overpower the main design.


 1. Marimekko Weather Diary Dinner Plate | 2. Marimekko Weather Diary Small Plate | 3. Marimekko Ursula Tablecloth 4. Marimekko Geranium Napkins | 5. Marimekko Goblet

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