Celebrating 50 Years of Marimekko Unikko


It’s hard to believe that the poppies still so prevalent in Finnish fashion today were born in 1964, half a century ago. It all started when designer Maija Isola went against her boss’s ban on floral patterns. Marimekko founder Armi Ratia thought that the flowers that existed in nature were so stunning on their own that no design could capture their beauty. Isola was never one to conform to strict rules, and created a whole palette of floral patterns, one of which was Unikko, that Ratia could not resist having for the up and coming brand. Today, Unikko is arguably one of the most recognized patterns, loved worldwide for it’s bold and bubbly shape.

To celebrate the 50 year mark, Marimekko released a special edition line of dinnerware in a classic black and white colorway, with one piece in sunny yellow for a pop of color. The special detail that sets these pieces apart from the rest of the Unikko-adorned Oiva collection is the markings on the bottom; each is stamped with “Unikko 50th Anniversary” and the late, great Maija Isola’s signature. These would make a stunning edition to any china cabinet, or make a thoughtful gift to someone who loves this pattern: whether they discovered it recently or have grown up with it over all these years.

Here’s whats available in the set:



1. Marimekko Black Unikko Teacup – Special Anniversary Edition- $24

2. Marimekko Black Unikko Dessert Bowl – Special Anniversary Edition – $24

3. Marimekko Black Unikko Coffee Cup – Special Anniversary Edition – $19.50

4. Marimekko Black Unikko Plate – Special Anniversary Edition – $24

5. Marimekko Black Unikko Soup/Cereal Bowl – Special Anniversary Edition – $29.50

6. Marimekko Black Unikko Container – Special Anniversary Edition – $65

7. Marimekko Black Unikko Teapot – Special Anniversary Edition – $98

8. Marimekko Black Unikko Serving Bowl – Special Anniversary Edition -$59

9. Marimekko Yellow/Red Unikko Mug – Special Anniversary Edition – $20

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