Cheers to the First Day of Spring


Happy first day of spring, all! Today marks the Spring equinox, meaning longer days are on the way that can be spent socializing out on the patio. Here in the Midwest, it may be a bit longer until we’re actually able to wine and dine outside, but this photo is some serious eye candy for us Minnesotans who are anxiously awaiting the sunny celebrations ahead. Paavo Halonen’s Ursula pattern screams spring and summer with big, beautiful blossoms illustrated with a watercolor-like artistry. The tablecloth comes in a round, short rectangular or long rectangular format. We love how the glassware is used not only to hold beverages but bouquets of fresh-cut flowers, giving the tablescape a look of natural and effortless elegance. Everything about Anu Penttinen’s Sukat Makkaralla collection screams spring, from the name meaning “Socks Rolled Down,” to the bubbly shapes and to the bright, lively colors. Handmade from mouth-blown and stained soda-lime glass, the pieces are colored from within rather than on the surface, allowing them to glow with such a dreamy depth and be conveniently dishwasher-safe.


From left to right:

1. Marimekko Turquoise/Gold Dessert Bowl  | 2. Marimekko Clear Pitcher | 3. Marimekko Clear/Red/Turquoise Dessert Bowl | 4. Marimekko Clear Flute Glass | 5. Marimekko Turquoise Flute Glass | 6. Marimekko Turquoise/Green/Yellow Goblet |  7. Marimekko Red/Clear/Smoke Goblet | 8. Marimekko Clear/Smoke/Turquoise Goblet | 9. Marimekko Red Tumbler | 10. Marimekko Yellow Tumbler    | 11. Marimekko Turquoise Tumbler | 12. Marimekko Turquoise Pitcher

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