Cozy, Cute & Colorful; Marimekko Quilts


It’s amazing the difference new bedding can make in transforming a bedroom — not only the way it looks, but the way we feel when we spend time in our sacred space. Marimekko’s new quilted bedding not only has a soft, 100% cotton quilted texture to fight the winter chill, but warm colors and cheerful patterns to keep away the dreary feeling that can come along with it. The best part? Each collection has not one, but two of Maija Isola’s beloved patterns, so you can display whichever one is suiting your mood of the day and let the other peekaboo out. From the kid’s room, to the guest space or even the master bedroom, everyone can enjoy going to bed and waking up to these classic Finnish favorites.


1. Marimekko Lokki Pink / Uto Pink Quilted Bedding – $29.99 – $200

Lovers of stripes and spots alike will find something to smile about on this bedding. This soft 100% quilted cotton set is adorned with two of Maija Isola’s iconic vintage patterns: the groovy waves of Lokki and the playful polka dots of Uto. Featured together in the same rosy hue of pink, this bedding is as comfy and cute as can be!


2. Marimekko Unikko Pink / Lokki Yellow Quilted Bedding – $29.99 – $200pink-orange-bedding-500

A sunny color scheme and peppy prints make this bedding the ultimate pick-me-up to wake up to. Maija Isola’s powerful Pieni Unikko poppies are alive in vibrant hues of orange, yellow and pink, matched by the equally upbeat Lokki in yellow on the reverse side. Printed on 100% quilted cotton, this design will bring plenty of warmth this season.


3. Marimekko Mini-Unikko Red / Ajo Black Quilted Bedding – $29.99 – $240

Florals and stripes are natural mates, and are already expertly mixed and matched for you on this classic 100% cotton quilted set. Adorned with Maija Isola’s iconic red and white Unikko flowers in miniature scale on one side and contrasted with her black and white Ajo stripes on the other, this dynamic duo is bound to bring back warm memories for those who have forever loved these flowers.


Which new combination is your favorite? Let us know below!

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  1. Beautiful matching quilts and pillows.
    Could be accompanied by matching bed sheets.

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