Designer Spotlight: Reeta Ek and Paavo Halonen

While sorting through the latest treasures to arrive here at AlwaysMod, I was delighted to see some new names: Reeta Ek and Paavo Halonen. Though I love the three Maijas (Maija Isola, Maija Louekari and Aino-Maija Metsola), it’s refreshing to see different designers featured in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We have carried a few designs from the two talented artists in the past, but I didn’t know much about them and wanted to learn more.



Designer and painter Reeta Ek received her Master’s in Textile Art and Design from Aalto University, though she also spent time studying fine arts. According to an interview with Marimekko, she says her design philosophy is to have fun and avoid taking things too seriously. It’s an outlook that shows in her new pattern Päivänsankari, or Birthday Hero (middle image), which was inspired by children’s ability to have fun in an instant. Reeta also reveals that she’s a sucker for summertime and that a freshly cut lawn is among her favorite scents, sentiments that her Marie print (right image) illustrates beautifully. paavo


Paavo Halonen studied at the Turku School of Drawing before landing a dream job as a Marimekko designer. If he hadn’t become an artist, however, he tells Marimekko he would have taken up gardening. He also explained in his interview that his secret to an expertly decorated room is using rich and constantly changing elements, such as flowers in pots and vases. With his two new floral patterns, Ursula (left image) and Pop! (right image), we are starting to sense a theme in his work. Paavo’s passion for flowers makes him the perfect designer to feature for spring’s arrival, when blooming gardens are the greatest sign of revival.

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