DIY Display For Marimekko Mugs


Happy October, all! Did you know that tomorrow (October 4th) is “National Frappe Day?” Everyday is a holiday, however wacky or bizarre they may be, but we’ll take the opportunity to indulge in the creamy coffee beverage. For this time of year, may I suggest this calorie-conscious pumpkin frappe from Sally’s Baking Addiction?

Most Marimekko fans have a least a couple of the designer mugs in their cupboard, Marimekko Unikko, Tasaraita and Iltavilli being some of the must-haves. They’re cute, relatively inexpensive and functional pieces to own. Okay, so some of us may have a lot of these mugs, and are running out of room to keep the collection. Plus, since they are adorned with such cute and colorful designs, wouldn’t it be great to display them instead of tucking them away behind a cupboard door?





The solution? A DIY mug rack. This will not only hold your mugs and create instant storage, but it will also act as wall art for your kitchen, which isn’t always easy to get right. And, since you made it, you’re fully entitled to bragging rights when your guests “ooh” and “ahh” over it.

For those have a lot of mugs to manage, try Katy’s method over at The Clever Bunny. She uses a standard pegboard, painters tape, spray paint, and some hooks to create a modern, industrial look. Not only does she have easy-to-follow instructions, but she also takes some great photos.

Those who have a few less mugs, or maybe less wall space, will love Amy’s display over at PennyWise Cook. What’s great about her method is that it is hung on the side of a shelving unit, saving on space for smaller kitchens. She also gets artsy to create a shabby chic look, but you can improvise with designs to fit your style and décor. Step-by-step instructions and action shots show how she used an inexpensive wooden board to create her cupboard alternative.

With the storage problem solved, why not get more Marimekko mugs to add to the cute and convenient display?


What do you think about this functional art? Are you a mug hoarder like myself and these DIY divas?

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