DIY: Dress up your planter with Marimekko

Nothing says summer like bright, blooming flowers. If you haven’t already planted your favorite blossoms because you’re in need of a planter or perhaps your planter is now home to cobwebs and dust, fret not. You can take an inexpensive or just plain old planter and easily revamp it with PVC-coated Marimekko fabric. The PVC-coating on the fabric makes it ideal for the outdoors (just make sure to wipe it down occasionally to keep it clean). Personalize your planter and draw attention to your budding beauties with one of Marimekko’s vibrant PVC-coated fabrics by following the steps below.

Lay out your fabric color side up and put your planter on its side onto the fabric. Cut enough to cover your planter and make sure to leave an excess of about 3 inches for the height of the planter.

Stand your planter upright and wrap the fabric around the planter. Pin each corner of the planter height-wise, following the shape of the planter (this planter, in particular, tapers downward).

Slide the fabric off the planter with pins still intact. Take it over to your sewing machine and do a straight stitch along the pins.

When you’re done sewing, turn the fabric inside out so the colored side is showing and slide it over the planter. Fold the excess fabric over the top rim of the planter and start planting!

Doing your own planter? We’d love to see yours! Contact us with an image of your planter. Happy planting!

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  1. What a great us.e for pvc fabric. I looks . Thank you for the idea.

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