DIY: Tabletop Succulent Garden



I’ve been obsessed with succulents for a very long time. I’ve also developed a new crush on Tina Frey Designs. So when I stumbled upon JOELIX’s blog post on creating a simple little oasis using a Tina Frey bowl, I couldn’t resist reposting it. Despite my obsession, I have yet to plant my very own mini garden of greenery. This may may be the push I need.



Take a look above at the GIF Judith of JOELIX created. From what I see, it looks pretty darn simple. According to her blog post, all you’ll need is plastic liner, a layer of small pebbles for drainage, soil and your choice of succulents. For tips on how to care for succulents after you plant them, see this blog post.



I’m a fan of minimalist styles which makes Tina Frey’s designs very appealing to me. She designs and hand sculpts each item in San Francisco. As a result, each item appears ‘imperfect’ making them unique. If you want to recreate exactly what Judith made, this is the bowl you’ll want to use. Or take a look at all of the Tina Frey items we have on AlwaysMod and use your imagination.






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