Elinno Design

Elinno DesignWhen you always give, you will always have – Elinno Design, Finland.

Elinno moves right there, where west meets east, where vast Chinese tradition of porcelain making meets the fresh tradition of Scandinavian design. Elinno wants to combain the best of these two worlds. In doing so, Elinno is both fresh and traditional, innovative and profound.

Elinno is a brisk Finnish company, established in 2008 and operating worldwide. The company designs and produces fine bone china tableware. Quality is the key word, as Elinno tableware is meant to be here to stay. Elinno designers, Liang Liang and Anni Paunila, want to design objects that last from one generation to another. We don’t follow trends – we create them, has become one of the central slogans of the company.

The two largest department store chains in Finland, Stockmann and Sokos, have Elinno tableware in their selection. So does, for example, the exclusive Lane Crawford of Hong Kong. Elinno clientele is quickly growing as the products are elevating more and more international interest.