Fazer Candy

FazerStarting in 1891 as a small café in Helsinki by founder and Finland native Karl Fazer, Fazer has become one of the largest names in the Finnish food industry. Among a chain of cafes, bakeries and confectionaries, the brand is best known for its milk chocolate bars first introduced in 1922. Recognized internationally by its now famous blue wrapper, the design was intended to reflect the colors of the Finnish flag and the dreamy blue hue was the first color to become a registered trademark in Finland.

Many claim it is the best chocolate they have ever had, with a rich combination of fresh milk, sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter still manufactured in Finland. The chocolate now also comes in peppermint crisp, hazelnut and dark chocolate, all equally delicious variations. The sweet treat has become a customary gift to give around Christmastime and is only readily available during the holiday season, so Fazer fanatics that crave the creamy confection year-round know to stock up.

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