Fight Winter Woes with Marimekko


Yesterday marked the first day of fall, which means winter is just around the corner. As a Midwest girl, living where the winters are long and snowy, I have mixed feelings about the season change. Sure, I’ll miss summer, but I’ve always been a fan of boots, scarves and warm leg-wear, so I’m looking forward to being able to layer up with lots of accessories. I can’t complain, though; Finland winters (pictured above) are some of the longest, darkest and coldest; lasting three to seven months, two of which are spent in continuous darkness in some areas. This may be one reason for our favorite Finnish brand’s tendency towards colorful, bold patterns.

Marimekko has a great line up of patterns for Fall/Winter 2013/2014 accessories, with influences of vibrant color and lively patterns without looking too “summery” or “springy”. Scarves and tights are a great opportunity to add a splash of pattern and color this cooler season without being overbearing. For the more daring, these accessories allow you to mix and match patterns in small doses for the perfect eclectic yet pulled together look. Here are some favorites already available on the AlwaysMod cyber shelves, and sneak peaks at some of the goodies to come in the next week or two.

These thick, sweater-like tights will transform your legs into walking pieces of art, and help you carry your favorite skirts and dresses into the cooler months as well. Footed with a tag-free elastic waist, throw on a tunic, step into boots and you’re ready to rock in a cute and comfortable outfit. Already available on AlwaysMod!


1. Marimekko Pobo Tights – $79. Stripes, checkers and triangles lend a tribal-trendy vibe to this geometric gem.

2. Marimekko Jau Black/Grey Tights – $79. Maija Isola’s 1960 Joonas pattern contrasts beautifully in jet black and soft, heather grey.

3. Marimekko Jau Red/Purple Tights – $79. Rich tones perfect for kicking through fall leaves and warming up dreary days.

4. Marimekko Tripla Red/Purple Tights – $79. May cause a triple take from passersby as they admire this hip and hypnotic pattern.

These scarves can take an outfit from bland and boring to cute and cozy. In a previous post, the lovely Erica taught us three need-to-know ways to wear a scarf, but there are about a billion others. I personally like to tie one on my purse handle for a splash of color and to generate some new-found love for my daily bag. Get creative! These will be appearing online this week and next, so stay posted!


1. Marimekko Lumimarja Blue-Grey Scarf – $139. Meaning “Snowberry,” this Erja Hirvi design is the perfect winter floral and the blue-grey background absolutely dreamy. Made from 100% wool, this soft and lightweight scarf has multiple of us in the office swooning.

2. Marimekko Lumimarja Red-Orange Scarf – $139. The same lovely pattern on 100% wool, this scarf features a vibrant red-orange background and mint berries. Perfect for a pop of color that will bring warmth to your face.

3. Marimekko Joonas Grey/Black Scarf – $129. Made from 100% wool, this scarf features Maija Isola’s 1960 Joonas pattern. In a heather grey and black color scheme, it gives off cozy-chic vibes and will pair beautifully with just about anything.

4. Marimekko Petrooli Navy/Violet Scarf – $95. Made from 100% silk, this scarf will feel smooth against skin, and cool enough to wear into spring when it starts to warm up again. Annika Rimala’s spotted design is mod and playful, perfect for any Marimekko lover.

Which accessory makes you less bummed about summer ending yesterday? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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