Hostess Gift Ideas

I personally hate showing up to a party empty-handed, especially during the holidays. I tend to always go for the fail-proof gift: a bottle of wine. Yes it’s a safe choice, but it’s not exactly original. This year, I intend to impress (hopefully) the hosts of the gatherings I’m attending with a gift from AlwaysMod. And if you’re hoping for the same outcome, I did the legwork and gathered a few ideas that are much more creative than a bottle of wine.


one: Marimekko Fokus Apron | two: Marimekko Lamppupampula Tray | three: MoMA Black Chalkboard Vase | four: Artek Siena Pot Holder | five: iittala Nappula Candle Holder Set | six: Marimekko Unikko Tin | seven: Alessi Duck Timer

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