How to Pair Wine with Food


Did it take anyone else until Valentine’s Day to realize how little they know about wine and food pairings? Walking around a wine store can be a little intimidating, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t usually pick one based off of a cool-looking label or bottle (or grabbing whatever is on sale). But you don’t have to be a wine snob to master the art and science of wining and dining. As a visual learner, I was delighted to come across this great guide. Match your planned meal to a wine or create some cuisine to complement that special bottle you’ve been saving.



When in doubt, go with a sparkling wine like Champagne, Cava or Rose as they pair with just about any food and act as palate cleansers.

Take it a step further and invest in the correct glasses for each type of wine. The iittala Essence Red Wine Glasses are specifically shaped for red wines, with a rounder bowl that allows the wine to breathe while leaving plenty of room to swirl and sip. Adversely, the iittala Essence White Wine Glasses have a smaller mouth which reduces the rate of oxidation and allows chilled wine to maintain its desired temperature.

Lastly, if you really appreciated a wine or want to remember the evening during which you enjoyed it, I suggest hanging on to the bottle. The Alessi Noe Modular Wine Holders are my favorite way to display bottles because of they can grow as your collection does. The set comes with six units, but can be expanded to accommodate hundreds of bottles; what an impressive wall of wine that would be!

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