Brand New: iittala Aitio Storage Boxes

If you’ve ever been to a playhouse, cinema or sports arena, it’s easy to see how Cecilie Manz’s Aitio (Theatre Box) collection got its name. Much like separate seating sections, the Aitio boxes protrude from the wall to create a three-dimensional collage of functional art. The crisp, clean lines are a blank canvas to contain the clutter of your day-to-day doings, while also highlighting the beauty of these objects. It’s a place for the props used in your life “play” (or work)But it was actually soap holders that first sparked Manz’s idea for Aitio. Hear more about the inspiration and intention of Aitio in this exclusive interview with the designer.

The unique storage system consists of magnetic, powder-coated steel boxes and wall mounts with pegs. The mount is easily attached to a wall with the included hardware and the box is then safely secured to the pegs — but can be easily removed to take the container of contents with when needed. The boxes are intended to be paired with the Aitio hooks (sold separately) to allow for even greater accessibility of objects you reach for often. Though wonderful for wall storage, the units also can also sit upright on a counter or desk.

There are so many things that can be stored in the versatile boxes, but these iittala stylings highlight eight great ones. eight-ways-710 art-crafts-710 scissors-710 plants-710 measure-710flatware-710 mail-decor-710 jars-cans-bottles-710

I love these ideas, and the inspirational images spark some storage ideas of my own. In the bathroom, these boxes would be great for keeping washcloths, cosmetics and toiletries. In the laundry room, they could house detergent and cleaners while also keeping these potentially hazardous items out of the reach of children or animals. Speaking of pets and little ones, how great would these be for keeping toys tidy? The versatile storage system will easily adapt to the user’s lifestyle, to contain clutter while expressing what is exceptional about you.

How would you use iittala Aitio?

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