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Multi-functional. Distinctive. Combinable. Timeless. These words describe iittala, a Finland-based company that began as a glass factory in 1881. If you’re not as familiar with this brand, you may be surprised to learn that many of the products you see on the AlwaysMod website were designed in the 1930s and 1940s. This demonstrates the longevity and relevance of the designs, making the pieces a worthy investment in my opinion. Plus, as an owner of several iittala products, I can attest to the quality and beauty of the Finnish-designed objects.

If you’re a fan of the simplicity of Scandinavian design, it may be worth checking out the sale that’s going on right now. Absolutely everything is 20% off and this type of sale doesn’t happen very often. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below that are still on my wish list.


Each of the diamond-shaped Ruutu glass vases are mouth blown and require 24 hours of work from seven skilled artisans.


The iittala Sarjaton dinnerware collection is the epitome of Scandinavian design. Although there are different patterns and colors, the combinability makes this collection cohesive and interesting.


A modern take on the traditional candleholder, these Nappula ones are very versatile.

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