Inside Marimekko Headquarters (Part 1 of 5)

Marimekko store

*EDIT* Unfortunately, due to a change in policy, we had to remove some of these photos. We hope to add more at a later date. Above is the Marimekko store at the Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki.

Well, technically we’re starting outside. I took the Helsinki Metro (the northern most in the world) from our hotel to Marimekko headquarters – just a quick 15 minute ride from the center of Helsinki. The exterior is pretty unassuming (although, that photo is not very good), but once inside you are struck with the vibrancy and life of Marimekko design. As expected, Marimekko is everywhere. You can see in theses photos the Marimekko upholstered furniture, large fabrics hanging, throw pillows in the lobby – even the cafeteria features Marimekko tablecloths. Of course, that’s to be expected here – but how great would it be to have Marimekko surrounding you in your office?

Much more to come in this series of posts… stay tuned for: the warehouse (you have to see how much fabric is here), fabric being made, showrooms, the factory outlet, a video of the fabric production and some other behind the scenes looks at Marimekko.

Map to Marimekko

Map to Marimekko (via Wikipedia)

Helsinki Metro

Helsinki Metro (via Wikipedia)

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