Inside Marimekko Headquarters (Part 2 of 5)

Marimekko Store

*EDIT* Unfortunately, due to Marimekko policy we can’t share these photos at this time. We hope to replace them in the future… above is a photo of the Marimekko store in the Kamppi Shopping Center in downtown Helsinki.

These are photos of just a few different Marimekko meeting and product display rooms at the Marimekko office. As I said, Marimekko fabrics and patterns surround you – you can’t help but be energized by the vibrant prints all around. More to come later!

Marimekko Juhannustaika Fabric, Marhaba Uphosltery Fabric, Tuuli Upholstery Fabric, Lines Upholstery Fabric

Marimekko Holiday 2008 prints

Marimekko Joonas Upholstery Fabric, Juhla-Raita Uphosltery Fabric

Marimekko Fabrics (linked under above photos)
And a couple more…

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