Introducing… AlwaysMod 2.0


AlwaysMod’s new homepage.

You may have noticed that our blog posts haven’t been as consistent lately. Well, that’s because we’ve been working like busy little bees on a special project. We are beyond thrilled to introduce you all to our completely revamped AlwaysMod website! In its recent former life, only carried Marimekko products. Now, we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded our selection to include a variety of modern brands for your home. We believe that our curated collection of goods will remain relevant in any home for many years to come.


The brands we carry at the new AlwaysMod site.

In addition to select Marimekko products, you’ll find a variety of other brands such as iittala, Royal Copenhagen and Alessi. You may also notice that the website has a cleaner, more refined aesthetic and is easier to navigate. Additionally, the product images are larger and easier to view.


We also plan to kick off a special partnership program in the near future called Modern Together. We want to forge a deeper and more meaningful connection to the modern movement and through Modern Together,  we hope to support modern design non-profit organizations across the United States. Collectively with the help of our shoppers, every purchase will help prolong a design movement that we all admire.

It is important to note that because we expanded our offerings, we will only carry a limited selection of Marimekko items. Additionally, we will no longer offer international shipping. For those of you fiending for Marimekko bags and accessories or shopping outside of the U.S., head over to our sister site Also check out this special offer that may get you in the shopping mood.

Let us know what you think of the new AlwaysMod website!

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