January 2016 Desktop Calendar


For many, the new year signifies starting anew. Some freshly cut stems and all the tools needed to make a beautiful bouquet seemed an appropriate way to illustrate the possibilities a new year holds. Plus, the Aalto vase is a soothing sight both in shape and color following the busy holiday season. Happy New Years to all our blog readers and we hope you enjoy the January 2016 desktop calendar.

Download the AlwaysMod desktop calendar in these sizes: 1280 x 10241024 x 7681280 x 9601600 x 12001680 x 10501920 x 1200

Download the desktop wallpaper without the calendar so this background can be enjoyed year round.

2 Comments on "January 2016 Desktop Calendar"

  1. Happy New Year,
    love your desktop calendars but please, correct the numbers, 5 and 17 are missing.

    • Hi Anja,

      We are so happy you like the desktop calendars! Thank you for bringing that error to our attention — we were so determined to get in the hang of writing “2016” instead of “2015” that we totally missed that! 🙂 It has been fixed, so feel free to re-save the updated images. Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions, we love hearing from you.

      Happy New Year,


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