Jet-setting Marimekko Style

Finnair Airbus 330 donning Kristina Isola’s Metsänväki (forest dwellers) print . Image courtesy of Finnair


If you’re a Marimekko fanatic, then you’ve probably seen and heard about Finnair and Marimekko’s collaboration. Back in October 2012, the Finnish design house was commissioned to develop textiles and tableware for Finnair. At that time, a plane embellished with Maija Isola’s iconic Unikko print was released, marking the newfound partnership. Just a few days ago on May 7, a Finnair Airbus 330 donning Kristina Isola’s  Metsänväki (forest dwellers) print was unveiled to celebrate the new Marimekko-designed textiles and tableware that will be put to use beginning May 15.


Top: Spring 2013 new Marimekko for Finnair tableware in Business class. Bottom: Spring 2013 new Marimekko for Finnair textiles and tableware in Economy class. Images courtesy of Finnair


Finnair released a cool time lapse video on YouTube, which shows the custom work being done to the aircraft.

I won’t be traveling to Finland anytime soon (bummer scene), so I won’t have the opportunity to fly in high style. However, just because I can’t do it literally doesn’t mean I can’t do it figuratively. That’s why I’ve gathered a list of travel-friendly accessories that will have you jet-setting Marimekko style, no matter how or where you go.

***UPDATE*** Recent reports have come out about Kristina Isola admitting to plagiarizing the Metsänväki pattern. It sounds like the relationship between Finnair and Marimekko will continue, but the Metsänväki pattern will be removed from the Finnair Airbus 330.

1. The roomy, mod Viklo tote can fit all your carry-on needs. $125

2. The Lippa Unikko tablet case is perfect for storing your iPad or tablet on-the-go, all while protecting it from scratches. $75

3. The Moreeni silk scarf is the perfect, versatile accessory to bring on your next trip. Tie it around your neck or handbag, wear it as a head wrap or put it around your shoulders. $89

4. The Mini-Unikko smart bag folds up into a tiny, mobile square that can fit in any tote or bag. It’s perfect for the extra storage you’ll need after your vacation shopping excursion. $29

5. Bring along the Marimekko Classic Postcards so you can write about how fabulous your vacation is to your friends and family. $29 (set of 12)



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