Jonesing for Jenni – A Marimekko Designer Profile

Marimekko designer Jenni Tuominen

Marimekko designer Jenni Tuominen

I’m in love with this month’s colorful desktop print but suddenly realized that I don’t know much about Marimekko designer Jenni Tuominen; creator of the Pikku Jätski pattern. So here’s the scoop on Jenni:

 Hands-on and experimental, Jenni Tuominen delights in upbeat and light-hearted prints that instantaneously induce a cheerful mood. She completed school in 1996 with a specialty in blacksmithing but decided to delve further into her creative mind, going back to school to become a printmaker/artist in 2001.

 Heavily influenced by Marimekko designers Katsuji Wakisaka and Maija Isola, her affinity towards the playful was also inspired by the works of Finnish author Tove Jansson. Often noted for having a flair for the silly, Tuominen’s impressive prints create a world for the mind to escape as lively images of animals, twirling lines and joyful colors transport you to a place of complete happiness. It seems that I’m not the only one intrigued with Jenni, in 2006 Marimekko announced her winner of their “Design, Meet the User!” competition.

 As for Jenni’s delicious desktop print, the name Pikku Jätski means “little ice cream” in Finnish. The pale pink, creamy blue, chocolate brown and orange scoops of color are paired in groups of two, forming playful capsules. Hungry for more? Visit to see Jenni’s Kuurupiilo print mug and keep an eye out for the Pikku Jätski fabric, I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when it arrives this Spring.

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