Kitchen Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

For many, keeping your kitchen clutter free and under control isn’t easy when you have limited storage space. Here a few tips to maximize your existing space and get you on your way to storing more items.

1. Magazine Files

Magazine files don’t just have to be used for magazines, you can use for many other things in your kitchen like your tin foils, can goods, cooking utensils, fresh produce, and much more. Mount these bad boys on your cabinet doors and you’ll have much more space to work with. Take a look at our Design Ideas Magazine File, it is made from MDF and great for mounting.

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2. Hooks

Hooks are really handy in the kitchen. You can hang almost anything and place them anywhere in your kitchen. Hang your pans, mugs, kitchen utensils, kitchen linens etc… the possibilities are endless.


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3. Storage Containers

Storage containers are easy to store in your pantry, shelves, and on your counter. You can stack them up together and create more space for other items. Also, you can place labels on them to make finding items easier. Our Joseph Joseph Spicestore Carousel Set are great jars to have in your kitchen, they are stackable and comes with a triangular tray so you can slide them to the corner giving your counter and pantry more space.


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4. Wine Racks

Wine racks don’t just have to use to store your wine bottles. They can be used to store other glass bottles around your house such as, water bottles, olive oil bottles, and other kitchen condiments. The Alessi Noe Modular Wine Holder is a great rack because it doesn’t take up much space and fits perfectly into many spaces.


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5. Tray

Use a tray in your kitchen drawer to maximize the drawer space and help you organize your utensils. Our Joseph Joseph Drawerstore Tray is perfect for organizing all your kitchen utensils. It is also expandable so you can adjust it to the length of your drawer.

DrawerStore - in use

Hopefully these 5 tips helped you organize your kitchen. If you tired any of these, please comment below, we’d love to hear about it!

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