Links We Love – August 14, 2015



1. Every time I get a glimpse of Cereal Magazine, my jaw just drops. This pub produces stunning content that’s coffee table worthy. Take a look at its recent feature on the Vitra Campus, a brand we proudly carry at AlwaysMod. (via Cereal Magazine)

2. Pantone has popped up on various objects and in numerous places over the years, so it’s no surprise that there’s now a pop-up Pantone cafe. From the napkins to the trays, the color identification system is on everything and I absolutely love it. Too bad I’m not going to Monaco any time soon. (via Designboom)

3. I’ll never get bored of seeing buildings get transformed into living spaces. Take a look at this empty church turned contemporary home and prepare to be amazed. (via Design Taxi)

4. I’ll always have a soft spot for LEGOs, but I’ll never be able to build something like this. To date, the Toyota Landcruiser is the most detailed build in LEGO history. (via Hypebeast)

5. Since this is a modern design-oriented blog, I love finding minimalist interpretations of almost anything (as you may have seen in previous posts if you’ve been following this “Links We Love” series). Here’s a look at minimalist illustrations of various dog breeds. (via Design Taxi)

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