Links We Love – June 5, 2015



1. Cereal Magazine beautifully captures the breath-taking views of southern Iceland. I want to be there now. (via Cereal Magazine)

2. I love nostalgic reinventions, especially these VHS cover art mock-ups for modern TV shows and movies. Which one is your favorite? (via designboom)

3. Cleverly titled ‘Taste Buds,’ these cutesy illustrations showcase food besties. Naturally I chose the donut and coffee pairing to celebrate National Donut Day. (via Design Taxi)

4. An architecture and design firm redefines picnics and produces an urban ‘picnic basket’ that caters to hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication. (via Mocoloco)

5. Have two minutes? That’s all you need to watch this video that highlights 100 years’ worth of ever-changing fashion. (via designboom)

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