Links We Love – March 13, 2015



1. An innovative and aesthetically pleasing deck created by Fluidstance that will get you off your gluteus maximus in the office, classroom or home. (via Fluidstance)

2. Rustic charm and modern design intersect in these 10 modern barn-style homes. I wouldn’t mind packing my bags and moving into one of these houses. (via Design Milk)

3. Motorheads rejoice. This rare 1907 Harley Davidson  “Strap Tank” is on the market, but only if you have deep pockets. (via Cool Material)

4. Instagram addicts have another reason to double tap. This Instagram account curates images that combine fashion and coffee. Say goodbye to your productivity. (via Design Taxi)

5. A new, clever take on notebooks. And it involves a microwave. (via Fast Co. Design)

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