Lions, tigers and bears…oh my Marimekko!

Apartment Therapy Blog – Nursery decorated in Marimekko Kanteleen Kutsu Fabric

Check out this dreamy nursery posted on Apartment Therapy’s blog, it uses a charming animal theme with the help of Marimekko’s black and white Kanteleen Kutsu Upholstery Fabric. Instantly creating a safe yet playful room, the nursery features a Kanteleen Kutsu window covering, upholstered ottoman and crib bed skirt; this adorable fabric was definitely put to good use.

There are many reasons why animals are commonly used to decorate nurseries, not only are animals adorable but they teach little ones how to have compassion for all living things big and small. From Noah and his ark to Aesop’s fables to the kid-friendly movies of today, animals often play the lead role. This graphic black and white print was designed by Sanna Annukka as an ode to Finland’s book of ancient folklore called Kalevala. In one particular story, all the animals of the forest gather to hear enchanting music played by the character called Väinämöinen. Annukka used the details of tale to re-tell this story through an enchanting fabric print.

Available on AlwaysMod, create your own animal-themed nursery with some of Marimekko’s vibrant and animal-adorned fabrics such as Marimekko Kevatjuhla (cow-themed), Marimekko Nanuk (polar bear-themed), Marimekko Karkuteilla (elephant, stork & zebra-themed), Marimekko Napakettu (fox-themed), Marimekko Kaunis Kauris (deer-themed), Marimekko Unlemia (large cow-themed), Marimekko Afrikan (jungle animal-themed) and Marimekko Laivakoira (dog-themed). The fabrics are pictured below.

Enjoy and sweet dreams baby Stefan

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