We Wish You a “Mari” Christmas


vellamo-ornament-500heart-ornament-500With winter just around the corner, I’ve noticed more and more stores making room on their shelves for the holiday merchandise. Here at AlwaysMod, oodles of Marimekko goodies have began arriving, and the seasonal influences can be seen in the colors and patterns. But what really alerted me that the holidays are almost here were the Marimekko ornaments. This year we will be carrying two, both adorable, cotton cut-outs inspired by the season yet true to the Marimekko design aesthetic. One is in the shape of a Christmas tree, and adorned in Maija Louekari’s Vellamo pattern in contrasting black and white. The other is heart-shaped, with Annika Rimala’s Puketti flowers blooming from spontaneous spots throughout the piece.

Besides hanging them from your tree, there are a number of ways to display these cotton cuties. Hang them from a wreath, garland, banister, or hooks on the fireplace mantle. Get creative with your decorating this year, and don’t abandon your love for Finnish design! If you need more inspiration, I stumbled across this great collection of ideas and photos that are bound to spark something great in your home.

Of course, two ornaments are certainly not enough. Make as many as you need to decorate your space with this super simple Marimekko DIY. This video is a quick, fun look at how it’s done using Marimekko fabric scraps. For the entire walk-through, you can find and print Marimekko’s instructions and template here.

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  1. In the English instructions, the directions for step 1 are also printed under steps 2 -4. Do you have a complete set of English instructions?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the question, and I apologize for the missing information… I did not even notice the repeating steps! The document came from Marimekko, so I do not have an alternative version. Luckily I have a Finnish associate who can help with the translation!

      Step 3 basically says, “Connect the cones from the middle together and place into a circular shape. At the same time, use your finger to crumple the edges and set them neatly into place. This can be a little time consuming, but the end result is worth it.”

      Step 4 should read, “Strengthen and tighten the middle of the ball with a couple of stitches to hold together. Now, your ball is ready to hang on the tree, or above the desk. Make many for a beautiful chandelier. Cats love these balls, and they are also great for baby mobiles.”

      Seems like the same steps just needs to be repeated to however “full” you wish to make it, and you’ll need to futz with it accordingly as you go to maintain the shape.
      Please let us know if you end up making these ornaments, we’d love to see how yours turn out!


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