Converse x Marimekko Shoes

Marimekko FabricFootwear fanatics and Finnish design enthusiasts alike rejoiced when big names Marimekko and Converse announced that they were working together to create a spring 2013 collection of designer sneakers. Aimed towards women, the fashion footwear line featured the most iconic of Marimekko prints in a range of colors, including Maija Isola’s iconic Unikko and Maija Louekari’s classic Räsymatto.

Available in both high top and low top styles, the combination of the colorful, bold patterns on the unmistakable shape of converse sneakers was instant chemistry. This is not the first time the design giants collaborated; the two got off on the right foot in the spring of 2011 with a successful line of fashion-forward footwear. With so many consumers being head over heels for these special sneakers, we can expect that the two leading names will continue to make magic with more custom creations.