Marimekko Designer Profile – Maija Louekari

Maija Louekari

In 2003, Maija Louekari, Bachelor of Arts, won the ”Nuoren elämän raamit” (“The Setting for a Young Life”) design competition jointly staged by the University of Art and Design Helsinki and Marimekko with her printed fabric design entitled Hetkiä/Moments. Since then, she has designed prints for Marimekko.

Maija Louekari’s designs exhibit a marked sense of location, time and space. She has portrayed both the crowds of metropolises and traditional Finnish landscapes in a highly vivid manner. Her expressive line drawings and large planes of color combine to create a strong impression of three-dimensionality. Below are the Hetkia and Kaiku designs. Browse more Maija Louekari designs at our website and

Marimekko Hetkia

Marimekko Kaiku

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  1. Ooh, it’s so nice to be able to match a face with the designs, please do more of these! I’m especially happy to meet Maija as the birch tree design is my favorite of all your designs… 🙂

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