Marimekko Desktop Calendar – February 2013

Marimekko Desktop Calendar – February 2013

Well, it’s unanimous…Maija Louekari’s new Marimekko Tilkkutäkki fabric is the office favorite (we dare you to resist its mesmerizing beauty). Since we almost never all agree on the same Marimekko fabric, I’ve decided to honor this rare occurrence and award this month’s Desktop Calendar to the dazzling Tilkkutäkki print. Louekari’s colorful imagination is often inspired by fond childhood memories, fairy stories or Finnish folklore. Finnish for “patchwork,” the pattern celebrates the rich tradition of patchwork quilt-making but with a modern twist. This February, become instantly inspired when you sit down to your computer as this engaging multi-colored pattern instantly awakens and refreshes your senses.

Visit AlwaysMod to browse more Tilkkutäkki printed products or help me pick next month’s desktop background by sending a Marimekko print suggestion!

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Download the desktop wallpaper

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