Marimekko Desktop Calendar – October 2012

Start your month out right with the latest and greatest from our Marimekko desktop calendar series. This month puts the spotlight on Marimekko designer Jenni Rope’s Klapi print. This vibrant print emulates the transition from fall to winter. Finnish for split or cut wood, the Klapi’s fine details are reminiscent of textured wood grains and freshly chopped fire wood, and it’s soft grey are a throwback to the soft shades of winter.

Klapi by Jenni Rope


Available at AlwaysMod in fabric or luxe throw pillows, this rich textile is not one to miss.


Download the desktop calendar:
Download the desktop wallpaper.

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  1. I just want to say that I love that you share these wallpapers and look forward to seeing a new one every month!

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