Marimekko Fabric

Marimekko FabricMarimekko is known for its original patterns in bright, bold colors, and fabric is quite possibly the best medium in which the brand can really showcase these works of art. The work of classic and rising Marimekko designers is converted to be printed on cotton, PVC, upholstery and other specialty fabrics and is sold by the repeat or the yard, depending on the scale of the design. The fabric can be used to revamp furniture, create custom curtains, display as wall hangings, fashion tablecloths or design your own dresses; the possibilities are endless.

Marimekko fabric is printed at the company’s facility in Helsinki, Finland with a state of the art printing screen system. Don’t be fooled though—it takes plenty of human hands and eyes to bring the textiles to life. To ensure a quality product, the printing and reviewing process aims for perfection. Fabric with more than four flaws per 15 meter bolt, most which can’t be seen by the untrained eye, is ruled as second-rate. View this video ( to go behind the scenes and take a look at the printing process in action.