Marimekko Goes Mobile

It looks like famous luxury trailer company Airstream has picked up on the merits of Marimekko in interior decorating. Featured in the  super new, high-end International Sterling trailers are multitudes of Marimekko throw pillows. Featuring Joonas by Maija Isola and Purnukka by Iiro A. Ahokas, these fancy trailers look great with their final ‘Finnish’ing touches.

Looking to jazz up your home (be it on wheels or stationary)? AlwaysMod has just what you  need to imitate this swanky style. Check out our Marimekko Joonas Throw Pillow, Marimekko Joonas Upholstery Fabric, and our Marimekko Purnukka Fabric Repeat for all your Marimekko decorating needs.

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