A Paris Apartment All Decked Out in Marimekko


I’m always ecstatic when we receive emails from our readers. The most recent email I received is from an American harpist named Lauren who is currently residing in Paris. Side note, I’m totally envious of her. She sent me pictures of her quaint little Parisian apartment and to my delight, it’s decked out in Marimekko’s famous floral pattern, Unikko! She became attracted to the Finnish design brand when a distant relative, who is Finnish and living in Paris, introduced her to the bright, playful prints. However, it wasn’t until she met her Finnish boyfriend that Lauren became head over heels for Marimekko.


It all began with a red Unikko mug she received as a Christmas gift. Lauren’s collection grew little by little as she continued to receive Unikko mugs as gifts; she’s up to seven now. It wasn’t long before she began to pick up kitchen accessories to match her mugs. Then, her Unkko collection quickly ballooned as she began accumulating clothing, bags, umbrellas and fabric.


Marimekko was Lauren’s first introduction to Nordic design, something she wasn’t familiar with while growing up in the Midwest. Besides loving quality and liveliness of Marimekko products, she’s using  the brand as a vehicle for learning Finnish!


 Lauren mentioned that she likes Marimekko because it’s sophisticated yet still fun. And I would have to say that her apartment encompasses just that. Do you want to share your Marimekko with our blog? Contact us, we’d love to feature you!



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