Marimekko iPhone Frenzy


This fall, we were blessed with four new colorways of classic patterns fitted for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 — the Purple/Olive Kaivo, Black/White Unikko, Orange/Pink Unikko and the Multicolor Siirtolapuutarha — to compliment our already impressive collection of covers. I’ve got more good news for those of you who are ga-ga for gadgets and Finnish design: A little birdy told me that Marimekko is now gracing us with four more case options, which should be available on AlwaysMod sometime next week. Here’s a sneak preview.


Fans of Maija Louekari‘s Räsymatto pattern will be pleased to see the linear dots in three new color combinations: Blue/Purple, Blue/Green and Red/Purple. Maija Isola‘s classic Kaivo pattern gets an update as well in a delicious Orange/Pink palette with eye-popping black spots. Whether you’re in the market for your first Marimekko iPhone case, or you’re collecting them all so you can rock a new one daily for two weeks straight, you’ll get looks of approval and envy when you’ve got your phone out (and who are we kidding, when is it not glued to our hand these days?)

See all the available iPhone covers here, and check back in a few days when these new sleek cases hit the cyber shelves.

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