Marimekko Kaiku Shower Curtain

Marimekko Kaiku Shower Curtain

We game across this great photo of Amanda’s bathroom on Flickr. The Marimekko Kaiku shower curtain adds a perfect punch to her bathroom and works well with the green accents. Like this look? Get your own Marimekko Kaiku shower curtain.

Thank you to Amanda for sharing her photo with us! Checkout the rest of her photostream at Flickr.

3 Comments on "Marimekko Kaiku Shower Curtain"

  1. WOW!!!! cool great ideas you provided in your post

  2. Wow, beautiful display of a very functional color scheme. The way the elements of the shower curtain pick up the accents from the supplementing accessories really tie everything together.

  3. I am looking for a suggestion. I have and LOVE this shower curtain. I am moving to a new home that has old tile in good condition. Mostly the robin’s egg blue, very close to the blue in my beloved curtain. The room is pretty small. I want to paint it something that is not white. I have a white sink and toilet, and black and white tiny hexagonal floor tile. Can anyone help?

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